Three Types of Convenient Gas Burning Products to Consider

Natural Gas Insert Fireplace With Stone And WoodHomeowners with busy lifestyles prefer gas appliances to the traditional wood fireplaces that require chopping, hauling, and storing firewood. Not only are gas fireplaces & heating stoves the ultimate in convenience, today’s models have an authentic appearance far superior to former times. There are three types of gas burning appliances to choose from, all of which provide the warmth and luxury of a roaring fire on wintry days.

Gas Fireplace Inserts. One of the best choices you can make when needing to upgrade your traditional fireplace or put your fireplace to better use is to have a gas fireplace insert installed. You’ll save on the cost of having to do a rebuild or on an involved renovation project by installing a gas fireplace insert. With traditional fireplaces, all but about 10% of the heat from fires is lost up the chimney. Energy efficiency is much improved with a gas fireplace insert, and gas is also a more environmentally friendly choice.

The added insulation provided with a fireplace insert is the primary reason the appliance warms a room more efficiently than an open fireplace. By transforming your fireplace into a more efficient heat provider, you can significantly lower the cost of your utility bills.

Gas fireplace inserts come in many stylish models that match any type of décor, such as traditional, modern, shabby chic, rustic, and contemporary.

If your fireplace goes unused winter after winter because you don’t enjoy the hassle involved with burning firewood, contact our chimney professionals to discuss options for a fireplace insert. The convenience is a remarkable contrast, and you don’t have to sacrifice the ambiance created by a traditional fireplace.

ZC Gas Fireplaces. Zero-clearance gas fireplaces are ideal for small spaces but can also provide plenty of heat for large rooms. The standout feature with these pre-manufactured appliances is that they can be safely placed either directly against combustible materials or to within two inches of flammable materials. Virtually no buffer zone is needed, which means zero clearance gas fireplaces can be placed in even your coziest spaces. Additional benefits that consumers enjoy about ZC gas fireplaces include:

  • Installation is practically hassle-free and can be accomplished quickly.
  • No expensive masonry work is needed as a buffer between this heating appliance and combustible materials.
  • While traditional fireplaces have average efficiencies of 10%, ZC gas fireplaces have efficiencies of up to 70%, which means they supply enough warmth to heat a room during cold winter weather.
  • For homeowners who primarily have efficiency in mind, models are available with heavy cast-iron doors rather than glass, which means that even more heat is transferred into the home.
  • Zero clearance gas fireplaces come in a wide variety of styles that will fit with any kind of décor.
  • ZC gas fireplaces can provide the pleasant ambiance of a fire in your coziest rooms.

Gas Burning FireplaceFree-Standing Gas Stoves. Free-standing gas stoves look much like wood stoves, and they even provide realistic fires with authentic-looking ceramic logs. These appliances provide the popular convenience of being as easy to turn on as flipping a switch, adjusting a thermostat, or using a remote control device.

Our chimney professionals can answer any questions you may have about switching to a gas fireplace or gas burning stove. Professional installation and maintenance are important, which our chimney sweeps can also help with. Ensure the maximum in efficiency and safety by contacting us about installing a new gas fireplace or heating stove in your home.

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