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It’s Time to Consider a Wood Burning Stove

Are cold winters getting you down? Do you feel like you’re paying too much to heat your home? A lot of people who answer yes to these questions find the perfect solution in a handsome and highly efficient wood-burning stove. If you’ve never had a wood stove – or if the one you have is Read more

Hi-Tech Style with Regency Fireplace Products

Finding the perfect style of fireplace, fireplace insert or free-standing heating stove is easy when you shop the extensive catalog of Regency Fireplace Products. Regardless of the heat source you prefer or the size or design of the unit, Regency has what most homeowners are looking for. Nayaug Chimney Services provides a full menu of Read more

Reasons Chimneys or Fireplaces Look Unsightly

Masonry chimneys and fireplaces are sturdy structures that can be expected to last a long time, but the day always comes when things begin to deteriorate. There are three rather common problems that arise, all of which make a chimney and/or fireplace look and perform poorly. Deterioration One of the reasons a chimney can begin to Read more

The Father of the Fireplace Insert – Ben Franklin

Benjamin Franklin, one of our nation’s Founding Fathers, was concerned because fireplaces during his day and time were very dangerous and frequently caused house fires and fatalities. He also knew that something needed to be done to ease the wood shortage that was also creating challenges at that time, and he took action. Born on Read more

Tips for Achieving Responsible Wood-Burning

Responsible wood-burning means that while you’re enjoying the heat from a fire in your home, you are contributing a very small amount of emissions to the atmosphere. As recently as the 1980s, it was common for a wood-burning appliance to emit 42 grams of particulate matter per hour. Today’s EPA-certified wood burning stoves & fireplaces, Read more

All About Chimney Dampers

You probably know that it’s important to open your chimney damper before lighting a fire and to close it when the fire is out. But did you know that dampers often don’t usually do a very effective job of fulfilling their primary purpose? Dampers are intended to prevent the air from inside your home from Read more

Smoke Alarms & National Fire Prevention Week

October 5-11 is National Fire Prevention Week 2014; and this year’s focus is on smoke alarms. These life-saving devices are more important than many people realize, with three of five (approximately 60%) of home fire fatalities being the result of fires in homes with either no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms, between 2007 Read more

The Scoop on Flue Linings

The flue lining is arguably the most important safety component in a chimney. Prior to about the 1930s, a lining was not required in U.S. chimneys. The extreme danger of operating a fireplace or wood stove without a flue lining in the chimney was discovered, however; and at least one expert referred to building a Read more

Wood Fireplaces vs. Wood Stoves

Not much can beat the look, feel, and smell of a wood fire, but many homeowners can get hung up on deciding whether a wood burning fireplace or wood stove is a better, more efficient choice. While each type has its own advantages & disadvantages, a little research into the comparisons of both can help Read more

Three Types of Convenient Gas Burning Products to Consider

Homeowners with busy lifestyles prefer gas appliances to the traditional wood fireplaces that require chopping, hauling, and storing firewood. Not only are gas fireplaces & heating stoves the ultimate in convenience, today’s models have an authentic appearance far superior to former times. There are three types of gas burning appliances to choose from, all of Read more

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