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Northeastern Chimney, Inc. Chimney Cleaning – Professional Chimney Sweep

Chimney CleaningYou’ll see our brightly marked company trucks on their way to provide chimney sweep services like chimney cleaning & chimney inspection in towns like Glastonbury, Portland, East Hampton, Marlborough, South Windsor, Farmington, Lebanon, Tolland, Forestville / Bristol and more.

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) recommends an annual chimney cleaning to ensure that your fireplace and chimney system are functioning safely and efficiently.  The chimney or venting system of your fireplace, wood stove, gas stove, or pellet stove needs regular maintenance and that’s when you should call a professional certified chimney sweep.

Northeastern Chimney, Inc. is your Chimney Sweep in the Wethersfield, Glastonbury area or anywhere across Central Connecticut. All our technicians are fully licensed and insured. Our qualified staff is ready to prove that you can count on us year after year to keep your chimneys and venting systems in great shape.

A clean sweep of your chimney will remove soot, creosote and blockages from your flue liner, smoke chamber and shelf, firebox and damper. Our chimney sweep technicians are highly trained and will get the job finished quickly & efficiently without leaving the work area soiled in any way. We pride ourselves on a “no mess” performance and work to create minimal interruption to you and your family when completing the job.

Our staff is full of trained chimney cleaning technicians that will perform top notch service that follows the strict guidelines of the CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) and the NCSG (National Chimney Sweeps Guild), the two regulatory organizations for the Chimney industry in the United States.

We are proud members in good standing of these official Nationally Accredited groups – CSIA & NCSG.

Chimney Cleaning GlastonburyNot sure if your chimney, stove, or furnace is in need of a cleaning? Schedule your annual inspection today and we will advise you when it’s time to sweep. How often should your chimney be cleaned? That depends on many factors, but generally speaking a masonry fireplace chimney should be cleaned when the sooty build-up reaches a thickness of 1/4 inch or sooner if creosote glazing is present. Factory fireplaces need to be cleaned when any noticeable build-up occurs. It does not take much fuel build-up to provide the potential for a chimney fire to start.

Don’t chances with unqualified contractors. Whether you live in Glastonbury, West Hartford, Whethersfield, South Windsor, Marlborough, Hebron, Manchester, Farmington, East Hampton, Newington, Cromwell, Rocky Hill or Middletown, we’ve proudly served homeowners in your area for decades.

The most dangerous time of the year comes in the fall, when you first think of building a fire – but may have forgotten to have the system inspected and/or cleaned. The built up creosote has dried out over the summer months and is extremely flammable at this point. Make sure to schedule your annual inspection & cleaning immediately. We will make sure everything is in working order before you get the urge to stack on the logs for the first fire of the season.

Chimney Cleaning ToolsAlthough the chimney sweeping profession has been around for centuries, modern tools & techniques have made cleaning a chimney quicker, cleaner, and easier. State-of-the-art tools are designed to remove dangerous build-ups that occur when stoves and fireplaces are used regularly. While standard chimney brushes are still used, our technicians also employ specialized tools, vacuums and video cameras to help complete the job. This highly trained and respected profession continues to provide a necessary and important function. Cleaning your chimney can help to improve heating efficiency, save energy, and most importantly – guard against dangerous conditions that can lead to chimney fires. Our primary job at Nayaug Chimney Services is to aid in the safe operation of your heating systems and help you prevent the possibility of fires related to the fireplaces, stoves, coal, gas, oil and pellet burning heating appliances and the flues and chimneys that are connected to them. Proper cleaning and good ventilation of your system will also protect your family against the possibility of carbon monoxide or other gases entering the home living environment.

When a fireplace or stove is burning wood it expels byproducts up and out the flue or chimney. These particles from the smoke and gases hit the cooler air on the way out and condensation occurs. Soot forms as a sticky collection of carbon particles. An oily, tar-like residue called Creosote also forms on the inner walls of the chimney or flue. The creosote deposits or coating is highly combustible. If there is too much of it, Certified Chimney Sweep CTan ember could fly up the chimney flue resulting in a very dangerous chimney fire that can spread to the structure of the home. While our techs remove these combustible deposits, they also are trained to report any hazards discovered during routine cleaning and recommend repairs if needed. Wood burning fireplaces do build up quicker than other heating appliances, but annual inspections are still recommended for any vented heating system in your home, including gas, pellet, oil and coal. Nayaug chimney sweeps handle all types of heating ventilation systems, not only chimneys. Heating oil, natural gas and pellet burning appliances, space heaters and furnaces all leave residue in the flue systems that needs to be removed to maintain continued safe use. Gas fired fireplace systems are not immune to flammable build-up. Keep a watch for a thick coat of carbon on your gas logs as an indicator that it is time to clean the chimney.

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