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Furnace Flues Need Annual Inspection and Cleaning Too!

Furnace Flue Inspection - CTYou’ll see our brightly marked trucks on their way to provide chimney sweep services like furnace flue cleaning & chimney repairs in towns like Glastonbury, Manchester, Hebron, Portland, East Hampton, Middletown, Colchester, Coventry, Bolton and more.

We are a full-service certified, licensed and insured chimney sweep. When it comes to your furnace venting system, you can count on us to make sure everything is cleaned properly and in working order. Our technicians are professional and courteous. Our customers expect the best when it comes to furnace flue cleanings or inspections.

Did you know that furnace flues need annual maintenance, no matter what type of fuel is used? A neglected furnace flue can be very dangerous. We’ve discovered that many homeowners believe furnace flue cleanings are handled by the fuel supplier or utility company, but that is not the case!  If it is vented, it can be blocked. If it is blocked, it can spell disaster. If debris is clogging the flue, soot blowback can occur, and dangerous carbon monoxide fumes may enter the home, resulting in illness and sometimes even death.

If you have recently installed a new furnace or appliance to an existing venting system, it’s important to have your furnace flue inspected. This is especially true if you are replacing one type of furnace for another, as all flues must be cleaned and checked for adequacy before the new system is installed. When the flue size is not matched to the newer furnace, condensation problems can occur which will facilitate corrosion and the buildup of soot.

Furnace Flue Cleaning - Glastonbury CTMoisture also may be entering through the top of the flue if there is not a weather cap, or through defects in the crown or brick. Moisture is the enemy of a clean flue and a safe furnace. Venting pipes need to match the appliance and its output to avoid problems like drafts, back blowing, moisture, corrosion and water damage. When you see a white residue on a masonry chimney it indicates mineral salts coming through the brick because of excess moisture. Moisture can also ruin nearby walls or ceilings causing structural damage to your home. Most venting problems can be repaired, relined or treated to reduce moisture – the key is to remember that a chimney sweep needs to check all your flues, including furnace flues annually.

Both forced air and hot water systems should be inspected annually. Gas fueled systems get a rusty looking build-up called “gas scale” that is a result of gas residue and moisture combining. This build-up can reduce the efficiency of your furnace and pose a risk of carbon monoxide filtering back into the home. Dirt and debris can also collect in your venting system reducing airflow. Both oil or gas furnaces can become blocked or damaged and can cause soot  or harmful gasses to blow back into your living space. Don’t ignore this important step in the maintenance of your furnace.

We are still called a “Chimney Sweep” even though we inspect and clean many types of heating systems. Whether your flue is stainless steel or masonry, we are skilled at cleaning all ventilation systems in your home. Count on Northeastern Chimney, Inc. to schedule annual visits for inspection and cleaning based on your use pattern and the seasonal needs of our climate in Connecticut. In Wethersfield, Manchester, Middletown or any other Central CT towns, we are your furnace flue cleaning experts!


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