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Our crews travel through Central CT to towns like Glastonbury, Hebron, Portland, East Hampton, Marlborough, Berlin, Southington, Meriden, and Farmington to install Pellet Stove for eco-conscious homeowners.

CT Pellet Stove Installation - Pellet Stove RetailerPellet stoves offer all the benefits of heating with a traditional wood stove, but with a “green” alternative. Pellet stoves utilize a renewable, clean burning fuel source that produces next to no particle pollution. These eco-friendly heating units are easy to maintain and even easier to use. Extremely effective at producing steady heat for hours at a time, pellet stoves are a great choice for homeowners who want to stay warm on even the coldest of winter days.

Modern pellet stoves feature a high-tech computer system that automates the burn process, requiring very little legwork from homeowners. Many models have self-igniting capabilities and can even be automatically controlled by a thermostat. The simple user interface can even monitor performance and identify potential problems, making the pellet stove a hassle-free heat source. Simply pour the pellets into the hopper and the pellet stove will operate for hours, no poking or feeding the fire necessary!


Pellet Stove Operation

These heating appliances utilize a low-moisture fuel source known as pellets that are made of compressed wood materials and wood waste like saw dust and bark. Homeowners pour the pellets into the stove’s hopper, which then slowly feeds the pellet fuel into the burn pot where the pellets are burned at a steady pace to provide a consistent heat source for hours on end. Variable speed fans push the warmed air out into your living space in order to get the highest heat output from your pellet stove.

Sales and Installation of High Efficiency Pellet Stoves- Glastonbury CTSpecially designed exhaust pipes are used to force combustion byproducts and gases out of the home instead of relying on a proper chimney draft. Thanks to this forced exhaust system, pellet stoves can operate without a masonry chimney, and may even be vented horizontally instead of vertically, allowing for more installation flexibility. Because of reduced venting requirements, pellet stoves can be installed in many rooms or spaces where a fireplace would not be practical.


Style & Features As with wood stoves, pellet stoves come in a number of styles & sizes. Sleek, contemporary models are perfect for urban abodes while traditionally styled pellet stoves may be the perfect choice for a Victorian home. Pellet stoves also come with a number of convenient features that let the homeowner enjoy the beauty of a burning flame without the legwork and upkeep of a real wood burning fireplace or wood stove.

Speak with our chimney & fireplace experts to learn more about the benefits of pellet stoves. From purchase to installation, you can trust in us to provide quality products and hassle-free delivery and installation. Thousands of satisfied customers all across Central CT turn to us for all of their heating needs. We stand behind our strong reputation which is why we always do our best to give the customer exactly what they deserve. Contact us today for a professionally installed pellet stove and immediately start enjoying the benefits of the most environmentally friendly heat source.

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