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Chimney Chase Tops

Chimney Chase CoversOur chimney sweep crews help customers in towns like Glastonbury, Manchester, Hebron, Portland, South Windsor, Bolton, Andover, Tolland, and Rockville with chimney chase top installation as well as fireplace fireplace & chimney repair.

A chimney chase top or cover is the piece of metal that seals off the top of the chimney in order to prevent moisture from seeping in. Chimney chase tops are shaped like the lid of a shoe box and are commonly installed with pre-fabricated fireplaces that feature a wood-frame chimney chase. Some masonry chimneys can also use this style of chimney topper, which can also be called a “rain pan”. The flat, protective metal covering is paired with a chimney shroud, which is the decorative cap of the rain pan that hides the termination chimney cap or  clay tile flue top. The chimney shroud also provides another layer of protection to divert rain water.

In many situations, chimney chase tops that accompany factory chimney chases are crafted with low-grade materials that aren’t designed to last long. These chimney chase tops often rust quickly and need replacement within 7 to 10 years. Because even the tiniest gap or hole in a chimney tops can result in extensive water damage that requires costly repairs, we recommend annual inspections to determine the condition of your current chimney chase top. If replacement or repair is needed, Northeastern Chimney, Inc chimney sweep technicians will guide you to the best choices available for your needs & style.

A damaged chimney chase cover can be easy to detect since rust stains & unsightly discoloration will begin to appear on the outside of your home where water runoff has carried rust from the worn out chimney chase top. As soon as rust is spotted, repairs should be made as quickly as possible, as you may be able to catch the problem before significant damage to the chimney system occurs.

If left unattended for too long, the middle of the chimney chase cover may sink in the middle and begin to accumulate water, leaves, and other types of debris.  The additional stress on the chimney chase cover causes the top to deteriorate further.  Holes and cracks can develop, allowing water to seep into the masonry materials & even into your walls and woodwork.

Importance of Chimney Chase Tops

Rusted Chimney Chase Top

Chimney chase tops are imperative to help prevent moisture, animals, leaves and other debris from falling into the chase and onto the chimney causing blockages or fires.  If a chimney chase top or cover deteriorates to the point that moisture cannot be kept out, expensive problems may develop.  Types of damage caused by moisture in the chimney include:  wood & roof rot, mold, firebox deterioration, leakage of carbon monoxide, and damaged sheet rock.

Don’t let a neglected chimney chase top turn into a huge problem. Chimney caps and chimney chase covers are some of the most affordable safety features you can add to your chimney system. It’s better to spend a little money installing a new cover or replacing a worn out chimney topper instead of waiting until you need to fix extensive moisture damage that has destroyed a chimney from the inside out.

Chimney Chase Top Materials

There are four types of chimney chase materials – galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. Each type has pros & cons, and speaking with your local chimney sweep company can help you decide which type is best for your home & needs.

Galvanized Steel: These chimney chase tops are the least expensive but can rust quickly, and generally have to be replaced within just a few short years.

Aluminum: Although aluminum chimney chase covers do not rust easily, they are generally not sturdy enough to function as well as other options.

Copper: Copper is considered to be the highest quality choice, and chimney chase tops crafted with copper are of higher quality, but also are substantially more expensive than other material types.  Copper chimney chase toppers are truly beautiful and many homeowners opt for this type just because of the beautiful design and appearance they offer. If you are looking to elevate the style of your house, a copper chimney chase top is the perfect option.

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is the strongest material used to make chimney toppers. Stainless steel chimney chase tops are extremely durable and stand up very well against harsh weather conditions, making them the best value. Stainless steel also resists rust and will last decades before needing to be replaced again.

If you notice rust or any other type of damage on your chimney chase top, or if you are unsure about the condition of your chimney topper, contact Northeastern Chimney, Inc. We will send out our professional chimney technicians who can inspect your venting system and determine the best option should a chimney chase repair or replacement be needed.

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