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Heatshield Relining Services for Chimney Lining RepairResidents will recognize our distinctly marked company vehicles as they travel through Glastonbury, Hebron, Portland, East Hampton, Middletown, Colchester, Marlborough, Berlin, Southington, Meriden, and Farmington to deliver chimney liner services like HeatShield® Chimney Relining & repair.

Years of usage can cause a great deal of wear and tear on your chimney system. Your chimney liner is particularly susceptible to aging and should regularly be inspected by a certified chimney sweep to help identify any potential issues that could affect the safety & effectiveness of your chimney liner. Deteriorated mortar between flue liner tiles, cracked clay flue liners, or flue liners that are showing signs of spalling should immediately be addressed. These common issues may seem small, but can quickly begin a process that will further erode your chimney system and may even pose a threat to your health & safety.

To fully restore your chimney to its optimal efficiency and safety level, choose a HeatShield® Chimney Relining Service. HeatShield® liner repair is the perfect option for older chimneys that feature clay liners.

For decades, the only means to reline a damaged clay chimney liner was to install a metal stainless steel liner. Thanks to innovations by CeCure Chimney Systems, a new way to reline a clay liner chimney has emerged. HeatShield® is a specially formulated “Cerfractory®” sealant which is applied to the inside of the chimney liner to restore the integrity of the flue. By sealing up cracks, gaps, and deteriorated masonry material, your chimney will be able to effectively and efficiently vent the hazardous smoke & combustible byproducts out of your home.

Chimney Liner Repair - Chimney ReliningDeterioration is a condition of owning a masonry chimney and while there are a few repair methods available, most are expensive and time consuming. If you’d rather not have to pay thousands of dollars to rebuild parts of your chimney, then choosing one of the HeatShield® Chimney Relining services is the best option.

Here’s a look at the HeatShield® Lining services we offer. The service you choose will be determined by the defects found in your current chimney system. Our chimney crew will provide a video inspection to help diagnose the extent of erosion & deterioration in your clay liner.

Joint Repair

If your chimney only requires repair for defective or deteriorating mortar joints, then the Joint Repair service is the best option. With the patent pending Joint Repair system from HeatShield® your chimney is fixed right the first time. After creating a custom foam applicator blade for your chimney, our chimney sweeps will plunge the applicator tool and blade down into your chimney and position them just below the mortar joints to be fixed.

We then deploy the HeatShield® Cerfractory® Flue Sealant mixture and fill in each void in the deteriorating mortar joint with the applicator tool. As the blade is pulled up to the next location, the repaired mortar joint is smoothed out. After all of the joints have been filled, our professional chimney techs will ensure that your chimney is properly sealed.

Heatshield Resurfacing SystemResurfacing System

The HeatShield® Resurfacing System is a more in depth liner repair which is used to fix chimney liners that show a great deal of deterioration. If your chimney’s clay liner contains cracks or spalled tiles but is otherwise in sound condition, the Resurfacing System is utilized to restore it back to its original condition. During this service, a special HeatShield® coating is applied over the inside of the entire flue to create a seamless corridor.

Our certified HeatShield® Installers create a specially-designed foam plug that is placed at the bottom of your flue and attached to a winch at the top of your chimney. Special chimney brushes are used to remove any debris or creosote buildup that has formed on your chimney. Once the flue is clean, an adhesive known as “tie coat” is applied to the flue walls as the plug is pulled upwards by the winch. After this adhesive has had time to set, the HeatShield® sealant is then applied in the same manner, coating the entire chimney flue and covering any cracks or areas of vulnerability that can compromise safety and performance.

Why Choose HeatShield®?

Chimney Liner Repair - Chimney ReliningWe are proud to offer such an effective and economical system for repairing and relining chimneys. There are plenty of reasons to choose the HeatShield® system for restoring your chimney liner and these are just a few:

  • Extreme Durability– Since the sealant used in these services is a hybrid of ceramic and refractory materials that can withstand moisture, corrosive gases, and temperatures in excess of 2900°F, it goes without saying that this repair will last for years to come. In fact, the heavy duty refractory mortar actually surpasses both the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the International Residential Code (IRC) requirements & standards for chimney liners.
  • Warranty– Your new HeatShield® liner is covered by a 20 year material warranty for both the Resurfacing system and the Joint Repair services.
  • Economical– Don’t skip fixing a damaged chimney just because you think the repair is beyond your budget. Choose a solution that is both economical and effective. While metal liners are costly and rebuilding a chimney is expensive and time consuming, the HeatShield® system is extremely economical.
  • Environmentally Friendly– HeatShield® is created from recycled and naturally occurring materials in nature. If you are eco-conscious and prefer green alternatives for home improvement projects, that’s all the more reason to choose the HeatShield System to repair your damaged chimney flues.

Want to find out more about HeatShield®? Contact our Certified HeatShield® Professionals for more information on the Resurfacing System & the Joint Repair services.

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