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Your Fireplace Firebox Really Takes The Heat

Firebox Rebuilds - CTOur chimney sweep crews regularly travel to towns like Glastonbury, Manchester, Wethersfield, Portland, East Hampton, Colchester, Kensington, Coventry, and Meriden to perform firebox rebuilds, chimney repairs, and even stove & insert installations.


The firebox is the area inside of your fireplace where you burn wood. The materials used in this area must be able to withstand temperatures that can reach up to 800 degrees F. This area can be particularly vulnerable to deterioration over time, if not maintained properly. If you believe your firebox is in need of repair, have our chimney sweep perform an inspection to be sure the masonry is sound. Our professional, certified chimney sweeps work to rebuild worn out fireboxes and can even install fireplace inserts to help increase efficiency and give outdated fireplaces a brand new feel & appearance.

Firebox Repair - CT Chimney SweepHave a Chimney Sweep Examine Your Firebox

If the inside of your firebox is worn, cracked, rough, or deteriorated, it’s time to contact us. Even though the refractory mortar and firebricks that are used to construct this area can withstand extremely high temperatures, they are still vulnerable to deterioration and degradation over time. As you burn a fire, the masonry materials (brick & mortar) that make up the fireplace and chimney heat up. After the fire has been put out, the materials cool, and this heating & cooling cycle can cause the mortar to crack or fall out, creating dangerous holes or gaps in the firebox. These deficiencies can allow hot gases or burning embers to escape into surrounding walls or living spaces, potentially causing a fire. Don’t take chances with the safety of your house & family, have your firebox examined by one of our certified sweeps.

Water and moisture is another enemy of your firebox that can lead to brick and mortar damage. If moisture enters your chimney and makes its way down into your firebox, it can saturate the masonry which will compromise the integrity of the brick and mortar. Chimney & Fireplace RepairPieces of your firebox mortar may begin to chip away or the firebricks may even crack, separate, or erode. In order to gauge the condition of your firebox, scrape the mortar joints with a pointed tool, like a screwdriver. If the mortar easily crumbles away, it’s time to call the pros at Northeastern Chimney, Inc. We will remove the old mortar and replace it with high temperature cement. This process is known as tuckpointing and can be a great option to extend the life & usage of your current firebox.

When we do a complete firebox rebuild, all walls will be covered with new firebrick and the fireplace floor will also be coated with mortar that seals all small openings and cracks. This mortar is called “fireclay” and sometimes can even be used to seal the walls of the firebox if damage is minimal and a new layer of bricks are not necessary. A rebuilt fireplace will look & function just like a brand new unit and homeowners can rest assured knowing their fireplace is now safe & efficient to use.

Fireplace Insert Installation - CTMany modern fireplaces contain pre-fabricated metal fireplace inserts with panels that can sometimes be replaced, although more often than not, the entire fireplace insert will need to be replaced with a new one. Today you can choose from many different styles of inserts that add beauty and function to your aging firebox area. Some homeowners may even consider installing a highly-efficient stove in the old firebox area to not only give it a new appearance, but to also increase heat efficiency. Proper venting and flue liners are crucial to the performance and safety of these units. The firebox itself is not subject to the heat of an open fire, so additional wear from heat will be minimal when you add a stove to a firebox area. Water and moisture will still need to be kept out of this area with proper chimney crown, chimney cap and chimney liner installations. Contact us today to find out more about firebox rebuilding or insert & stove installations.

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