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Our chimney sweep crews serve customers in towns like Glastonbury, Hebron, Portland, East Hampton, Marlborough, Berlin, Southington, Meriden, Farmington and the surrounding area with sales and installation of new wood stoves.

Glastonbury CT Wood Stoves installation - Cromwell CTModern wood stoves are not the inefficient, messy models of the past. Wood stoves from decades past produced a lot of particle pollution and were not very nice to look at. The wood stove models that are on the market today are not only beautiful & stylish, but they are also extremely efficient and much more environmentally friendly.

Free-standing wood stoves create wonderful radiant heat and also meet very strict environmental standards, making them a highly effective & eco-friendly way to heat a home. Wood stoves come in a number of sizes and in a wide range of BTU heat output. Whether you want to heat your favorite room or your whole house, there will be a wood stove to meet your needs. Larger models can effectively heat a home up to 3,500 square feet, so it’s clear to see why these heating powerhouses are a popular choice among homeowners. Your wood burning stove will quickly become the centerpiece of the room and your favorite spot to sit back and relax.

The EPA certified wood stoves of today feature a re-burn system that uses secondary air tubes to increase efficiency and reduce particle pollution. These stainless steel tubes are located at the top of the stove’s firebox and are used to bring in secondary combustion air to mix with the smoke created by the burning fire. This extremely hot air helps burn way the smoke and byproducts before they can escape through the chimney. This process produces 70% less particle pollution than traditional wood burning fireplaces making wood stoves a great heating alternative for eco-conscious homeowners. Plus, wood stoves are 50% more energy efficient and use one third less wood to produce the same amount of heat as a traditional wood burning fireplace.

Southington CT Wood Stove Installations in Tolland and Cromwell

When you choose to purchase your new wood burning stove from Northeastern Chimney, Inc., you get to choose from the best models by the finest manufacturers, including Regency, Hampton, Vermont Castings, Napoleon, and Pacific Energy.

From cast iron to steel and even soapstone wood stoves, you will find the perfect wood stove to fit your style and tastes. Smaller models are perfect for heating a small living space and larger units are great for open-concept houses. Concerned about venting requirements? Don’t worry! As chimney & venting experts we will be able to find a solution to adequately meet the requirements of your new wood stove. Often times we can simply tie the unit into your existing flue, but if that is not an option, we will gladly find another alternative to ensure optimum efficiency and safe operation.

Speak with our industry experts to find out more about the benefits and advantages of purchasing and installation a brand new wood burning stove. Enjoy the beauty & comfort of a real wood burning fire while getting the most out of your new heating appliance.

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