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Chimney Flashing Protects Against Chimney Leaks

Chimney Flashing Replacement CTYou’ll see our brightly marked trucks & certified chimney sweeps on their way to provide services like chimney flashing repair & chimney waterproofing in towns like Glastonbury, Wethersfield, East Hampton, Marlborough, Manchester, Colchester, Coventry, Vernon, Meriden, and more.

When it comes to leaky chimneys, loose, torn or cracked chimney flashing is usually the cause. Corners are especially vulnerable to leaks when the flashing was not installed well. Caulking can loosen or deteriorate over time and allow moisture seep under the flashing causing major damage. Leaks around the chimney can cause wood rot along with water damage to roofs, attics, and ceilings. Anytime you notice signs of a leaky chimney, call a professional chimney sweep to perform a visual inspection of the chimney – especially the flashing.

What is Chimney Flashing?

The pieces of metal placed where the chimney meets the roof is called the “Chimney Flashing”. The job of the flashing is to keep water out of this vulnerable area. Properly installed flashing includes two layers of metal. The metal can be stainless steel or aluminum, but the longest lasting (and most expensive) type is copper.

Chimney Flashing Repair

The first layer is woven into the shingles and up the side of the chimney in an L shaped fashion. The second overlapping layer gets put right into the mortar joints of the chimney and over the top of the shingles. This layering is what deters water and moisture from seeping into the chimney opening and masonry work, so correct installation is crucial to a water-tight job that won’t leak. Urethane caulking is used to seal the corners and to help prevent water from entering.

Many times upon inspection, we notice that the caulking has deteriorated or itself worked loose and a simple new caulking job can solve the leaking problem. On some occasions the deterioration of the flashing is so severe that the old flashing must be entirely replaced in order to stop leaks.

When we do a chimney flashing job, measurements are taken of your chimney and custom sheet metal work is done to create custom flashing designed perfectly for the shape, size, and angles of your chimney. If the chimney is down-sloped from the peak of the roof, we may recommend the installation of a cricket, which is used to divert water coming down the roof away from the base of the chimney. When new shingles are installed on your roof, it is always advisable to go ahead and replace the flashing around the chimneys at the same time.

Our chimney flashing professionals can inspect your chimney flashing, make proper recommendations, and complete chimney flashing repairs in Manchester, Farmington, Wethersfield and in most of Central Connecticut.

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