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Chimney Rebuilding – Masonry Work – Central CT Chimney Restoration

Our chimney sweep crews provide chimney repair, rebuilding, and masonry services to homeowners in Glastonbury, Manchester, Wethersfield, Newington, Hebron, Middletown, Colchester, Coventry, Bolton, and more!

Chimney Repairs CTAs with any other system or appliance used in your house, your chimney system will eventually require repairs and/or restoration. Northeastern Chimney, Inc. is qualified, licensed and fully insured to do complete chimney repair, rebuilding, masonry work, and restoration work on all types of chimneys. When it comes to chimney repair, Northeastern Chimney, Inc. is the one to trust. Our professional crews are ready to bring your chimney back – looking and working the way it was intended to.

Repairing or rebuilding a chimney requires the knowledge and experience of a well-trained professional.  Our technicians understand the various parts of the masonry structure and can ensure that proper venting requirements and regulations are met.  Our professional chimney technicians are familiar with every aspect of chimneys and perform expert chimney and venting repairs to homeowners across the greater Glastonbury area.

When it comes to Chimney Rebuilding, many times (as demonstrated in the top photo) it doesn’t even involve brick. Chimney fires and wood rot can effect wood framed and wood sided chimney chase structures which will then be fixed and rebuilt. Our chimney sweep experts are able to repair and restore all types of chimneys and chimney chase structures beyond that of just the masonry variety.


Masonry Repairs - Wethersfield CTBricks and mortar will wear and deteriorate over time allowing moisture to enter the chimney system. In fact, water is the main enemy of a healthy chimney. Once water gets in, expensive problems can begin to develop. The facing of your chimney bricks may flake off and open the masonry materials to the elements creating structural problems and leakage. If you notice pieces of brick falling into the chimney or around the chimney outside on the roof, it’s time to get your chimney structure evaluated! White staining on the outside of your chimney is called efflorescence and also indicates that water penetration and leaching salts are present.

Proper chimney inspection, water repellent, and regular maintenance will extend the life of your system and can prevent these common chimney problems. When the mortar between bricks begins to deteriorate, the joints can be “repointed” or filled with new mortar. This process is often called “tuckpointing”, and can prevent water from getting in between the bricks. To guard against the weathering that will wear down your masonry chimney, it’s best to have a water repellent coating applied to the exterior chimney structure (otherwise known as waterproofing). Check with our chimney experts today if you have any concerns regarding chimney water damage.

Your firebox may also be in need of repair if you notice cracked bricks or mortar in the area where you build your actual fire. Due to the high temperatures encountered in the firebox, firebricks and high temp mortar are required for any firebox rebuilds. Our chimney experts are able to repair the masonry of your firebox, or rebuild the entire area to have it functioning like it was when it was brand new.

Chimney Crown SealantChimney crowns are another area of the chimney system that often requires repairs. This cement slab tops off many masonry chimneys and is also subject to the elements that create cracking and deterioration. If the crown is not keeping water out, it will seep down into the bricks causing further damage. Many times simple crown sealing can remedy a problem. A complete crown rebuilding is called for when the chimney crown has lost too much of its structural integrity. If a deteriorating crown is left unchecked, the repairs will be much more costly.

As always, regular chimney inspections save money by spotting small problems before they become a major cost and/or safety issue. If you are experiencing any problems with your chimney, fireplace or furnace venting system, call Northeastern Chimney, Inc. We will be happy to come out and give you a professional written assessment and estimate if work for chimney repair if it is recommended.

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