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What is the White Staining on My Chimney?

Many homeowners just assume that this white discoloration is simply a sign of aging on a chimney. Nothing could be farther from the truth the white residue called efflorescence is actually a symptom of water leaking into your chimney system. This condition if left unchecked will cause premature aging and deterioration of the chimney structure Read more

Whitehouse Chimney Sweeps Get Shaken Up

With last week’s cleaning of the 32 White House chimneys completed, the residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will have to wait another two years for the crew to come back. President Obama and his family were on vacation for the week, but Jeff Schmittinger and his eight person team experienced the 5.8 magnitude earthquake first Read more

A History of Chimney Sweeping

The chimney sweep has been around for hundreds of years and still today is a necessary and important profession. The early Romans first made the switch from a single fire in the center of a room to an isolated fireplace to heat buildings and cook indoors, but it was not until 16th century England that Read more

Buyer Beware of Phone Chimney Sweep Offers

We have all gotten those phone calls that offer deals that just sound too good to be true right? Well, the Chimney Sweep industry is plagued with more than our share of unscrupulous solicitors ready to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners. Typically the caller identifies themselves as being from a “sound-alike” company near you and Read more

How to Hire a Chimney Sweep – Don’t Get Burned

9 Consumer Tips on How to Choose a Chimney Sweep. There are ways to guard yourself and make an informed decision. Review these 9 tips and follow them anytime you are hiring a Chimney Sweep. This will guarantee that you end up with a reputable contractor and pay a fair price for the work done. Read more

How Often Should My Chimney Be Cleaned

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) says that fireplaces need to be cleaned when there is 1/8″ of sooty buildup inside the chimney or flue system. Since homeowners may not be able to judge the condition of the system, it is advised that a professional Chimney Inspection be done by a CSIA Chimney Sweep. Read more

Ask A Chimney Sweep

Feel free to ask about anything to do with Chimneys, Fireplaces, Stoves or Venting Systems. Our fully trained and certified Chimney Sweeps will be happy to answer your questions. Post your email or phone number if you want us to respond to you directly, or just check back tomorrow and your question should be answered! Read more

Nayaug Videos

Here is a short video to get you acquainted with our company. Read more

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