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Safety Issues with Chimneys in Old Houses

The chimneys in houses built many decades ago were built with different requirements than today’s, which sometimes means that safety is a real concern. Any chimneys built prior to the 1950s were almost certainly masonry or block chimneys. The most common problem with old houses is that the chimneys aren’t lined, since that wasn’t a Read more

Common Problems with Gas Fireplaces – Part 2

A gas fireplace is a genuine convenience for many homeowners due to their low maintenance requirements; but there are various problems that can come up. Strange Noises. It is normal for your gas fireplace to make some sounds which is no cause for alarm. When you start to hear to experience operating issues and hear Read more

Common Problems with Gas Fireplaces – Part 1

A gas fireplace provides the most convenient way to enjoy the flickering flames of a fire. No need to chop or haul firewood; simply flip a switch or light a match to get the appliance started. If ventless appliances are permitted where you live, installation of a gas fireplace may not even require a chimney, Read more

Benefits and Maintenance of Gas Logs

Would you like to enjoy the coziness of a wood-burning fire but without the hassles involved? Gas log sets make it possible to simulate the experience with remarkable realism. More and more homeowners are enjoying the convenience and beauty of faux logs burning in a gas-powered fireplace. In previous times, gas log sets didn’t achieve Read more

Two Little Known Causes of House Fires: Batteries and Pyrolysis

Many people are familiar with the possible dangers of a chimney fire if the fireplace & chimney system has been neglected. But there are two other little known causes of house fires, batteries & pyrolysis; that can be just as equally dangerous. A family’s home recently burned down because of a lack of knowledge about Read more

Your Chimney Versus the Polar Vortex

Chimneys in Connecticut have had it tough lately. In January 2014, a Polar Vortex struck, bringing unprecedented low temperatures across the United States and Canada. Not so long ago, in February of 2013, Winter Storm Nemo dumped 40 inches of snow on Connecticut in a blizzard worse than any since 1888. All of these cycles Read more

Problems with Wood Burning Stoves: Causes and Solutions

Modern wood burning stoves are beautiful, efficient appliances and excellent heat sources; but they are not always trouble-free. Many of the potential problems that can arise with wood burning stoves are solved by first having them installed by professionals and then having them inspected and cleaned annually by certified chimney sweeps. Smoking is the most Read more

What to Do About Sooty Deposits

Soot inside of a home often goes unnoticed until it gets bad enough that dealing with it is far from simple. A stained wall is perhaps discovered when a painting is moved. Then, when further signs of soot are investigated, it usually turns out that furniture, carpeting, and drapes have all become stained. Ductwork can Read more

How Chimney Dampers Can Save You Money

Many homeowners who have and enjoy a beautiful fireplace during these arctic winters actually lose money every year on energy costs because of their chimney damper. In fact, experts say that 8% of the heating costs for the average home can be accounted for as heat lost through the chimney. The good news is that Read more

Tips for Maintaining your Chimney Cap Screen

A chimney cap is a must-have appliance that no chimney should be without, because of the important benefits offered. A mistake many homeowners make is thinking that no upkeep is required on chimney caps. Maintenance is simple but crucial, to keep your chimney functioning properly. What Chimney Caps Do Keep out Moisture. The most basic Read more

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