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5 Benefits to Adding a Glass Door to your Fireplace

If you have a traditional fireplace & chimney, have you considered the benefits of adding glass doors? Fireplaces are the focal point of any room for good reason, and adding doors typically adds to their aesthetic beauty. Check out the following five benefits of adding a glass door to your fireplace: 1) Enhanced Safety Glass Read more

Comparing Pellet Stoves with Wood-Burning Stoves

Are you in the market for a new heating system and trying to decide between a pellet stove or a wood-burning stove? Today’s appliances are incredibly efficient and for that reason, you really can’t go wrong. There are plenty of differences between a pellet stove and a wood-burning stove, however, which gives you a lot Read more

Hire a Chimney Sweep before Selling your Home

Even if there are no obvious problems with your fireplace, there are certain times when a chimney sweep should be hired to inspect and/or clean your chimney, and they are: Annually after winter use, before buying a home, and before selling a home. According to the National Fire Protection Association-211 Code Book a level 2 chimney Read more

Furnace Flues Need Maintenance, Too

Did you know that furnace flues need annual maintenance, no matter what type of fuel is used? We’ve discovered that our customers often have the idea that cleaning of the furnace flue is handled by the fuel supplier or utility company, but that is not the case. A neglected furnace flue can be dangerous, and Read more

A Guide to Wood Burning

Have you ever struggled with getting a warm fire going in your fireplace? Why not take a little time to improve your wood burning skills? There are a few things you need to know in order to burn efficiently and to produce the kinds of fires you want. Here are some tips from professional chimney Read more

Tips to Prepare your Home for Winter – Part 2

Connecticut winters are gorgeous and, of course, very cold. There are some steps you can take that could help lower your energy costs by creating a more perfect seal against frigid temperatures. You may also need to do some fireplace & chimney maintenance that will help prevent damage to your home.    See the first Read more

Tips to Prepare your Home for Winter – Part 1

There is a lot to love about winter in Connecticut. For homeowners in particular, though, preparation is important. Before the time comes to shovel your driveway after the first snowfall, decorate for Christmas, or warm by the fire after being in the frigid air, get your home ready for maximum efficiency. Proper chimney preparations will Read more

Components of a Perfect Chimney System

When a chimney system works perfectly, there is virtually never a draft. Achieving successful chimney venting requires more care than ever, since houses are sealed more tightly than in previous times. Homeowners often put up with drafty fireplaces, not knowing that it’s not supposed to be the norm. A perfect venting system begins at the Read more

Is Chimney Sweeping a Profession for Women?

  Women have had to fight for progress through the centuries, gaining rights such as voting and being able to obtain a higher education. In days gone by, for example, it was highly unusual for a woman to be a medical doctor. Great strides have been made, though salary equality is still not a reality Read more

National Fire Prevention Week 2013: Prevent Kitchen Fires

Helping to prevent fires by teaching adults and children about fire prevention is the primary goal of National Fire Prevention Week, and this year it takes place on October 6 thru 12. Communities across the U.S. are participating in various educational programs and activities which will promote fire prevention, and kitchen safety is being emphasized Read more

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