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Why Your Chimney Leaks: Common Causes of Chimney Problems

This article is brought to you by Washington DC area fireplace and chimney specialists High’s Chimney Services. As we approach the colder months, many of us surely want to know that all is right with our fireplaces and chimney systems. Sometimes there are problems that must be addressed prior to enjoying a winter of cozy Read more

Labor Day Signals It’s Time for Your Annual Chimney Inspection

Autumn begins when the sun crosses the celestial equator, which always occurs around September 22, about three weeks after Labor Day weekend. In no time, the nights begin to get cooler, the autumn leaves begin to turn, and fireplaces and wood stoves are needed as a heat source again. But have you thought about whether Read more

Why and How to Minimize Creosote Buildup in your Chimney

Anytime a fireplace is used, creosote is deposited in the chimney lining or flue. Since creosote is highly flammable and probably creates the biggest potential hazard when using a fireplace, it’s wise to try and minimize the amount of buildup that occurs. Failure to remove creosote from the flue can result in a deadly chimney Read more

The Origin of Smart Heating Systems: Pellet Stoves

If you agree that the smartest way to heat your home is one that is economical, convenient, and environmentally friendly, then a pellet stove is the perfect heat source for you. Even the seed of inspiration for pellet stoves speaks volumes about how inventive they are; oil drum stoves used during the Great Depression together Read more

Don’t Blow Smoke: Milestones in the Evolution of the Chimney

The chimneys of today can be expected to keep smoke from the fireplace out your home, however if you notice a problem like drafting, you can call our chimney professionals to resolve the issue. There was a time when a chimney sweep couldn’t fix a smoky chimney because all chimneys were inefficient and putting up Read more

Zero-Clearance Fireplaces and Why They are Good Options

If you are not familiar with zero-clearance fireplaces but you are interested in a fresh way to provide added warmth and personality to your home, this information may be just what you’ve been looking for. Zero-clearance fireplaces are pre-manufactured heating appliances that are safe to place directly against or within a couple of inches of Read more

3 Mistakes Homeowners Make regarding Fireplace Safety

Without realizing it, many homeowners create hazardous situations related to the use of their fireplace. Don’t light your fireplace again without making sure that you aren’t making any of the following mistakes which could lead to life-threatening situations: Mistake #1: Using a fireplace that hasn’t been cleaned or inspected recently. A report on U.S. fires Read more

How to Top a Chimney in Style

Not only does a chimney add character to a house, and there are other accessories available which can make your chimney an absolute stand-out. Arguably the two most striking accessories for a chimney are copper chimney caps and chimney shrouds. These two accessories will give your rooftop an aesthetic edge over average chimney tops, in Read more

Preventative Maintenance Cuts Chimney Repair Costs

The pleasure and warmth a family gets out of a beautiful fireplace can be diminished if unexpected chimney repair costs cut into Christmas or college savings. Many people don’t realize that chimneys need to be inspected annually not just because it’s recommended for safety reasons but also because numerous problems can come up which are Read more

The 5 Most Common Chimney Issues

A chimney and fireplace add character and warmth to a home, but there is a lot more to them than cozy aesthetics. To safely use a fireplace, chimney maintenance is essential. There are many potential issues which need to be addressed at various times. The five most common involve creosote, blockage, cracks in the flue, Read more

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